Beginning Sound "S" or "Sh" minimal pair

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by Augment HS

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Subjects: speech,articulation,earlyIntervention,phonology,hearingAndAudiology,speakingListening,ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Beginning sounds "s" "sh" Cards randomize Here is a great deck for your students! They say the name of the picture and then click the letter that matches the beginning sound. Great for practising initial minimal pairs s &sh. Pictures sun, sub, soap, soup, seahorse, seal, seagull, sad, sandcastle, Santa, sapphire, seeds Shell, shake, shark, sheep, ship, shoes, shopper, shapes, shovel, sharpener, shelf, shade Also, Don't miss my What is the beginning sound? Bundle a-z. With puzzle picture reveal. Find it in my Boom Learning Store Augment HS