Assessment Testing | I can write uppercase letters

by learnplayrepeat

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Subjects: writing,writingRange,fineMotorSkills,handWriting,handTherapy,developmentalSkills,ela

Grades: 14,13

Description: Evaluate and assess your preschoolers and kindergarteners with this interactive writing test. Look back at the reports to track their progress. ⭐️Listen to the teacher say the letter. ⭐️Click the draw button on the right side of the screen ⭐️Draw the correct letter ⭐️Close the draw button ⭐️Click submit ⭐️For extra guidance, tap the question mark at the bottom of the screen to see the answer. 💫These cards are not yet able to self-correct through the platform like other decks. You will have to look back at your child's reports to review and correct their answers.