ESL Listening Practice for Standardized Tests (NYSESLAT Practice Grades K-2)

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by Elementary ESL

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Subjects: ela,englishSecondLanguage,speakingListening,instructionalEnglish,language,nativeEnglish,nativelanguage

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Listening practice for English language learners! Includes five original listening passages with 1-2 questions per passage. Audio is provided for all listening passages, questions, and question answer choices. As an ENL teacher, I used this activity to help prepare my remote students for the NYSESLAT. These listening passages could be used for any elementary age ESL students. These Boom cards can be assigned for individual practice or used in a classroom setting (in-person or remote). More information about the listening passages: Listening passage 1: A story about a boy who loves dogs. Students identify the correct main idea picture. Listening passage 2: A girl named Aisha prepares for a birthday party. Students identify the correct picture in answer to the question: “Which picture shows Aisha shopping for party supplies?” Listening passage 3: Maria makes lemonade in this story. Students identify the correct group of pictures: “Which group of pictures shows the order that things happen in the story?” Listening passage 4: Abdullah goes camping in this story. The first question asks students to identify the items Abdullah brings with him on his camping trip. The second question repeats two sentences from the passage, and asks students to identify the meaning of the word “it.” Listening passage 5: In this story, Marco doesn’t like green foods. There is both a why question and a where question about this story. Follow my store for more fun decks for ELLs!