Primer Sight Word Sentences Set 1

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by Teaching With Love and Laughter

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: These 27 Sight Words task cards will help students learn and practice the following 26 Primer sight words: he, was, that, she, on, they, but, at, with, all, there, out, be, have, am, do, did, what, so, get, like, this, will, yes, went, are. Each card focuses on one sight word. To play, students read and complete four predictable sentences by dragging a sight word to the empty space in the sentence. Each sentence includes a picture or two. Students read the picture(s) as part of the sentence. A directions card, with audio, is included. This activity is a quick, fun, and engaging way for students to practice their sight words, as well as give them an opportunity to develop their reading skills. ⚠️Check out Set 2, which contains the following words: now, no, came, ride, into, good, want, too, pretty, four, saw, well, ran, brown, eat, who, new, must, black, white, soon, our, ate, say, under, please. You can also purchase both sets in a MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE! ⚠️ You can also purchase this same activity using the Pre-Primer Words. Look for Sets 1 and 2 or the MONEY-SAVING BUNDLE!