January Themed First Grade | Long U in Sentences

by Teaching Primary with Katelyn

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonics

Grades: 1

Description: Are you looking to help your students improve their long u skills? This set of digital task cards will give your students multiple ways to practice their word skills with a January theme! This is a set of 20 phonics cards aligned with the reading foundations standards in Common Core. STUDENTS WILL: Select the sentence that matches the picture (10 slides). Choose the picture that matches the sentence (10 slides). **Students can click on the directions to have them read aloud. Common Core Standards Covered: CCSS RF 1.3.C CHECK OUT my January MEGA Bundle to find this in a MEGA BUNDLE with ALL of my January Grammar and Sentence boom decks at 30% OFF! As always, contact me with any questions/concerns. Katelyn from Teaching Primary with Katelyn