Wonders high frequency words Unit 5 Week 4

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by Teaching in Cowgirl boots and High Heels

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Are you like me and needing to move centers and morning work to digital platforms? That's why I have created these boom cards. They are great for digital activities in school, at home, or both! I also needed something that aligned with wonders, because that is the curriculum my school uses. This deck is Unit 5 Week 4 sight word practice for grade 2 reading wonders. There are 15 cards in this set. This deck includes audio instructions. Great for K-4 grades. A fun and engaging sight word game. The sight words are scrambled and the kids need to unscramble them and spell them the correct way. There is audio of the scrambled word if they get stuck. Also includes 5 fill in the blank cards. My high frequency words are always posted, so the kids have fun figuring out which sight word is which. Starting on unit 4, I didn't include a voice recording of the fill in the blank sentence cards. Check out my bundles for discounted prices Thanks for checking out Teaching in Cowgirl Boots and High Heels!