Beginner Curriculum Unit A Week 1

by Alejandra's Language Shop

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Subjects: instructionalEnglish

Grades: 5,6,7

Description: Beginner Curriculum Unit A Week 1 is specifically crafted to empower ESL students who lack foundations in reading. It is designed with students with interrupted formal education in mind. Tailored for older students who may still be developing their reading and writing abilities, this engaging resource is the perfect tool for educators the language classroom. The deck includes 43 vibrant and age-appropriate flashcards, strategically designed to reinforce basic skills. Key Features: Targeted ESL Learning: Developed with the unique needs of ESL students in mind, this BOOMâ„¢ Cards set is ideal for those who lack fundamental literacy skills in both their native language and English. The deck acts as a bridge, aiding students in building a solid foundation. Age-Appropriate Design: Recognizing the diverse learning needs of older kids, our BOOMâ„¢Cards strike the perfect balance between educational content and age-appropriate design. The visually appealing flashcards cater to the interests of secondary students. This set was designed for students who are learning how to read, pronounce, and write while they simultaneously learn a new language.