4.PS3 TNReady Test Prep for Energy

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by Nurtured Nature

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Subjects: science,physicalSciences,definitionsOfEnergy,relationshipBetweenEnergyAndForces,conservationOfEnergyAndEnergyTransfer

Grades: 4

Description: TNReady test prep can be challenging without providing students with many examples of kinetic and potential energy, speed, and energy conversion to practice. This deck of Energy cards is the perfect solution – it includes 10 test prep Boom cards, modeled after item sampler and practice test questions, and aligned with Tennessee state standard 4.PS3 Energy. The following TN Science standard objectives are addressed: 1) Use evidence to explain the cause and effect relationship between the speed of an object and the energy of an object. 2) Observe and explain the relationship between potential energy and kinetic energy. 3) Describe how stored energy can be converted into another form for practical use.