Rounding to Ten Thousands (6 digit numbers)

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by I heart 4th grade

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Subjects: math

Grades: 4

Description: Help students visualize rounding with this Boom Set. Designed to help students understand how numbers round to the nearest ten-thousand, this set provides support to help your students master this tough skill. Set includes 24 self-checking Boom Cards. The first 8 cards feature number lines, the next 8 cards focus on determining which way a number will round, and the last 8 cards assess student understanding of rounding to the nearest ten-thousand. Perfect for students just learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten-thousand. Aligned to 4th grade rounding standards set includes 24 self-checking Boom Cards focusing on rounding 6 digit numbers to the nearest ten-thousand. Looking for more 4th grade practice? Make sure to check out the other Boom Decks available in my Boom Learning Store.