French Sight Words: listen, search and click SET 10 | Les mots fréquents

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by For French Immersion

Price: 225 points or $2.25 USD

Subjects: language

Grades: 1,2

Description: Want your students listening to French sight words and identifying written words? Well this is the deck for you! This is a fun set of French Boom Cards to practice “les mots fréquents”. 1. Students will listen to a word. 2. They will move items (objects, people, etc) around the room to uncover the written words. 3. Then, they’ll click on the word that corresponds to the audio they heard. Students will listen to 20 words in this deck: bien, blanc, chien, classe, famille, fenêtre, fille, français, grand, gris, gros, huit, lettre, mercredi, œil, printemps, quatre, soleil, vendredi, ville. This is part of a convenient money-saving bundle.