Past Tense Irregular Verbs : Past & Participle

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by Hot Chocolate

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: Conjugate the Past Simple and Past Participle of 35 commonly used Irregular verbs! Your students will be verb detectives as they type the correct forms in the provided blanks. Each card has one Irregular verb and students are required to correctly spell the Past Simple and Participle below. Students will get immediate feedback with these self-checking cards. These cards are excellent practice for your unit on Past Tenses and Irregular Verbs. Check out Volume 2 of the same set for practice with verb list 1 (35 different verbs). Verb List: become, break, build, catch, come, cut, draw, drive, fall, feel, find, forget, get, go, have, hide, hold, learn, lend, make, meet, put, read, rise, say, sell, set, sing, sleep, spend, steal, take, tell, throw, wear, write