Mendel and Punnett Square Genetics

by Emmatheteachie

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Subjects: science

Grades: 8,9,10,11

Description: A set of 31 interactive & illustrated cards to review Punnett Squares and the work of Mendel! Content: ✦ Multiple choice questions to identify keyword definitions: allele, genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive homozygous and heterozygous ✦ Drag and drop the correct genotypes into the box (heterozygous, homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive) ✦ Punnett Square problems: they’ll complete these in three steps: 1) working out parent genotypes, 2) possible offspring genotypes, and 3) percentage probability of each offspring phenotype ✦ Fill in the gaps: about the work of Mendel with his pea plant experiments *I suggest viewing the preview on my TpT store to get a better overview of these activities as the first 4 cards don’t show the complexity of the Punnett Square problems* The variety of question types and my bright illustrated clip art bring this topic to life for students. Click on the preview to play the first four cards (tip: view full screen if it isn’t working). I hope you enjoy using these Boom Cards with your students! ©Emmatheteachie