Syllableness Targets for Cycles

by Graham Speech Therapy

Price: 800 points or $8 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 0

Description: 73 cards featuring 2- and 3-syllable compound words, 2-syllable words, and 3-syllable words for children exhibiting monosyllabic speech. This deck is specifically designed to be used while implementing the cycles approach, an evidence-based phonological intervention. Cards include prerecorded "auditory bombardment" cards for each syllable shape with opportunities for over 200 trials for 2-syllable compound words, 130 trials for 2-syllable words, 90 trials for 3-syllable compound words, and 120 trials of 3-syllable words. Students play through each card as they say and drag target words to their "homes" for at least 10 trials per card.