Coarticulation CH to SH

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by Graham Speech Therapy

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 0

Description: Use final "ch" words to elicit initial "sh" words with this Coarticulation Deck for Lateral Lisps! This deck includes 94 interactive cards to help you elicit "sh" in the initial word position if a child can already correctly produce "ch". This deck includes 30 cards to help children isolate the "sh" sound, 30 cards using coarticulation to elicit initial "sh" words from final "ch" words, and 30 cards eliciting blocked practice of "sh" in initial position of words. Get over 600 productions of the "sh" sound in words with these fun activities as you drag each item to their "homes". Important: This deck should be used for children who can already accurately produce "ch" without lateralization. If not, please consider using the principles of cognitive reframing and phonetic shaping as described in the Graham Speech Therapy "Lateral Lisp Remediation" Webinar ( *Follow @grahamspeechtherapy on Instagram for more videos and tutorials for lateral lisp remediation.