Making Inferences

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by Kirsten's Kaboodle

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: This making inferences task card deck includes anchor charts and task cards. It practices inferencing with the puzzle model. Where students take the clues in the text, what they already know, and then form an inference based on those two things. This deck will help scaffold your students into the extremely difficult task of making an inference. This making inferences deck includes: 37 task cards (3 inference instructional pages and example and 34 making inferences task cards. • Task cards 1-3 are instructional pages with an example of a passage and how you use the puzzle model to make an inference about that passage. • Task cards 4-20 require your students to drag and drop clues from the passage that help them make an inference and then they make an inference (inferences are multiple-choice). • Task cards 21-37 require your students to type in what they know about a list of clues given, then they choose an inference about the event that could be happening based on the clues and what they know (inferences are multiple-choice sentences).