French Alphabet: Listen and Spell Level 1

by World Language Cafe

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: language,nativeSounds,instructionalFrenchCanadian

Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: #BoomBTS Students listen to a French word, spelled out letter by letter. As they listen, they drag and drop the correct letters to form a word and they write an article (un, une, le, la, l', les) to go with the word. Once they get that card right, they move on to the next slide and listen to the entire word (not spelled out), write the word in French, look at the image, and write the translation in English. Students will master the letters of the alphabet and start learning to spell words based on the sounds that make them up. Native speaker sound files improve student pronunciation. Also great for homework assignments and sub plans! Want additional alphabet decks? Save more with the bundle: If you have any questions or suggestions, email me at: