Minor Chords & Inversions - Treble & Bass Clef

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by Melody Payne - Music for a Lifetime

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Subjects: music,musicChoir,musicPiano,musicBand,musicOrchestra,musicGuitar

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: These 90 task cards review all minor chords in root position, 1st inversion, and 2nd inversion, on both treble and bass staff, in multiple choice format. Cards are limited to 25 per round and are randomized so play will be different each time. Students are asked to identify the minor chord by name, and identify the inversion of that chord. Includes all minors up to 7 sharps and flats. Sophisticated clipart images make this deck appropriate for students in high school or university, and for adults. Perfect for online piano lessons, music class, distance learning, and much more!