Middle C Position Notes on the Grand Staff: Bass F to Treble G

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by Melody Payne - Music for a Lifetime

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Subjects: music,musicChoir,musicPiano,musicElementarySkills,musicBand,musicOrchestra,musicGuitar

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: These 30 ocean-themed task cards review notes on the grand staff ranging from Bass F (4th line F) to Treble G (2nd line G), also known as Middle C Position to beginning piano students. Written and audio instructions are included on each slide and direct students to drag the correct letter to the note on the grand staff. Each slide features 3 options for students to choose from. Slides are limited to 20 per play, and they are randomized so that each time a student plays, the student will be given a variety of different cards in a different order. Perfect for online piano lessons, music class, distance learning, and much more!