Syllables How Many (1-4 Syllables Words)

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by Limes & Lemon

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Subjects: ela,foundationalSkills,phonologicalAwareness,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Syllables (1- to 4-syllable words) * * *40 WORDS / CARDS!! * * * Text audio for directions on auto-play on 1 card Auto-play AUDIO for words This engaging deck is designed to help kindergarten students practice counting syllables, aligned with the RF.K.2.b standard. Students will be presented with a word and will select the correct number of syllables this deck covers: 10 words with 1 syllable 10 words with 2 syllables 10 words with 3 syllables 10 words with 4 syllables The auto-play audio feature ensures that students can hear each word clearly, making this an excellent tool for reinforcing phonemic awareness and syllable counting skills.