Farm Animal Family Recognition | Yes or No Questions

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by Hands-On Multilingual Fun

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Subjects: ela,science

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: With this deck, your students will decide if the baby farm animal and parent are of the same family or if they are different. They will answer the question "Is this the chick's mom or dad" and then click the correct answer of yes or no. This deck includes a hint with the baby animal next to the parent animal which allows your student to connect the name of the animal with its picture. This deck would work great when learning about animals on the farm. There are 44 cards in this deck. 22 cards for mom and 22 cards for dads If you would like a deck with just the name of the baby animal and no image, please check out this one. . The animals included in this deck are: horse goose pig duck sheep turkey cow chicken goat donkey rabbit You can find more farm related decks in our store, Hands-on Multilingual Fun or the link below.