What Happened Yesterday? Past Tense Verbs with Real Photos for Speech Therapy and Grammar practice.

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by Panda Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: I have so many students with oral grammar errors, if students struggle with this orally they almost always struggle with it in their written expression too. I needed a quick way to practice working on past tense verbs. These cards were created to be work on regular and irregular past tense verbs. I provided a quick grammar review to use with students if needed. The main purpose of this deck was to provide practice but you can use them to teach the concepts too. The picture stimuli are real photos of people and things that children can relate to. This deck is great for students who struggle with these concepts orally or in their writing. It contains: 20 regular past tense cards 20 irregular past tense cards 20 mixed regular/irregular past tense cards I typically review the regular and irregular cards first and then do the mixed set to see if they are grasping the concepts and can discriminate the regular vs. irregular verbs. When I work on these skills, I often just ask for the response orally, but I included the text choices if you need them or to provide feedback for the student. . I present the cards by saying “Look at this picture” & then I say what they are doing today “Today they are eating lunch” Then I say “Now it is the next day, let’s say what they did yesterday. I then ask the student to say what they did yesterday “Yesterday they ate lunch” or if the students need more support I say a cloze phrase and have them fill in the verb “Yesterday they _____lunch"