1st Grade Spelling Practice Module 3 HMH Into Reading

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by 1st Grade Pandamania

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Grades: 1

Description: These 55 interactive Boom Cards help students practice spelling words from Module 3, weeks 1-3 of HMH Into Reading Series. Students first select the spelling list from Module 3 to practice (Week 1, 2, or 3) . They then listen to each sight word. They click and drag letters to build the word from the letters of the word, or click from a whole alphabet of letters to choose, or type the word. There are three opportunities to practice each word. Please note: These materials were prepared by 1st Grade Pandamania and have neither been developed, reviewed nor endorsed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original HMH Into Reading work on which this material is based. Permission has been granted from HMH for 1st Grade Pandamania to use their curriculum to create this resource. HMH Into Reading Module 3 Spelling Words 1st Grade: WEEK 1: hen leg pen web wet yet WEEK 2: egg grass miss tell well will WEEK 3: dash fish rush ship shop wish