Find the picture that starts with "n".

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by Augment HS

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Subjects: ela,speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This activity is to explore the beginning sounds of nouns. Ideally, this activity would be done with an adult so that the child is able to hear and explore the sounds as the pictures are discussed. The child finds the picture that starts with "n" and then drags it over the letter. The Submit button then needs to be clicked to check if the answer is correct. The Pictures with the beginning "n" sound are nuts, nail, nest, narwal, nine, nervous, neck, night, needle, net, notebook Acknowledgements Rainbow Sprinkle Studio Promoting Success Ther Cher Room Digital mojo Kari Bolt clip art Heather Marie Teaches Teaching in the Tongass Purple Palmetto Snappy Teacher Lisa Schilling