Insects & Bugs Core Vocabulary Activities

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by The Petite Speech Geek

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Subjects: language,speech,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: Students will work on a variety of different core vocabulary activities with this Bugs & Insects-themed resource. Use the table of contents card OR the Core Board to access the activities: 1. Bug Homes: drag bugs into the scene. Target: Put (1 card) 2. Find & Match Sensory Bin: Target core word: "more"- students will find 10 bugs and match them in this water beads sensory bin. (1 card) 3. Feed the Insects: students can choose between 5 different (animated gifs) spring insects to feed. 20 foods. Target: More (1 card) 4. Catching Bugs: drag the bugs and insects into the net. Target: In (1 card) 5. Free the Insects: open the jar and take out the trapped insect (animated gifs) Target: Help (12 cards) 6. Find the Bugs- drag the magnifying glass around the scene to find the bugs. Target: Look/See (1 card) 7. Swat the Flies: Match the color fly swatter to its fly. Target: On ( 10 bugs 1 card) 8. Set the butterflies free: take the butterfly out of the container. Target: out (13 cards) 9. Spider feelings: Ask students to identify and click (out of a field of 2) the matching emotion. Target: Feel (10 cards) 10. Counting Bees: count the bees in the hive then identify and click (out of a field of 2) numbers to complete the phrase (has 3 bees). Target: Has (10 cards) You will know you reached the end of an activity with multiple pages when you see the stop sign in the bottom corner. Thank you!