100 Chart Practice - Alien Theme

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by Jollymum

Price: 350 points or $3.5 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2

Description: Are you looking for a fun activity for your students to work on their number sense skills? Want to challenge your students? Engage your students with this alien-themed deck to practice reading 100 chart. They will ➤ find their number on the 100 chart ➤ write the tens and ones of their numbers in a grid ➤ click the correct number of tens (aliens with 10 horns or aliens with 10 spots) ➤ click the correct number of ones (aliens with 1 horn or aliens with 1 spot) ➤ fill in a cross shape with numbers 1 less/1 more and 10 less/more What you will receive with your purchase: ➤ 1 welcome card ➤ 2 instructions cards ➤ 1 menu card ➤ 20 unique cards ➤ a 100 chart on each card Thanks for stopping by.