Determine the Meaning of Words and Phrases RL.4.4

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by Dragon's Den Curriculum

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 4

Description: Aligned with Common Core RL.4.4 Are your 4th grade students struggling to unravel the hidden meanings behind words and phrases? It's time to supercharge their comprehension skills and make learning a truly fun adventure with this 36-card BOOM CARD deck designed specifically for fourth-grade learners. This engaging deck is meticulously crafted to address the RL.4.4 standard of the Common Core curriculum, ensuring your students master the art of deciphering word and phrase meanings. With 14 word meanings, another 14 phrase meanings, and 8 mythology words and phrases, this deck is packed with linguistic exploration. Words included: sweltering, futile, essential, quench, pandemonium, antics, minuscule, reluctant, expanse, immense, flexible, aloft, anticipation, ascend. Phrases included: let the cat out of the bag, the elephant in the room, I smell a rat, hold your horses, a piece of cake, in a pickle, spill the beans, throw in the towel, knock it out of the park, sitting duck, under the weather, take it with a grain of salt, jump the gun, cut the mustard. Mythology words and phrases: Herculean, Achilles heel, titan, Midas touch, Pandora's box, Odyssey, labyrinth, harp.