Articulation & WH? Questions: Initial 'R' Sounds

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by Looks Like Language

Price: 260 points or $2.6 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation,receptiveLanguage,games

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: Kids stay engaged while they make the mystery picture appear! You can target R sounds in the initial position or mixed WH questions with this appealing Boom deck. Students say the word that answers the question and drag the puzzle piece over the answer. For additional R practice, your students can take turns pronouncing all 12 R words on the page before clicking on the correct response. Use the sound buttons to read the questions aloud so students with limited reading skills can review this activity independently. This makes it easy to use for homework, too! This set includes two mystery pictures, each with 24 different WH questions and 12 pictures with R initial sounds. Be sure to play the FREE 4-page preview to see how fun this is!