Preferences and Problem Solving for Self Advocacy

by The SPOT Shop

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Subjects: expressiveLanguage,socialAspectsOfCommunication,speech,Special Autism

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: Discover your students' interests and preferences in this resource! It's important for students to talk about what they like (and dislike) as this serves as a foundation for understanding their identity as well as their emotions about different things and situations. This is important for establishing self-awareness as well as self-advocacy! This resource presents 20 opportunities for students to describe their interests and they will respond to situations that involve their preferences. Each item/situation has 4 questions. All the items/situations have questions with similar themes. Question Example: You're in a restaurant with your family. 1) What food will you order? 2) What food will you avoid ordering? Why? 3) If your preferred food is unavailable, what will you do? 4) Your family was ordering something you didn't like. What will you do? Examples of situations: - Ice cream shop - Art class - Fast food drive-through - Smoothie stand - Classroom - PE class - Car ride - Book store Have fun getting to know your students while uncovering spaces, planting gems, and going through the maze. This resource can be played by multiple students. Have fun working together to reach the exit faster!