/S/ Middle Valentine Love Birds

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by Lindsey Lam

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Subjects: ot,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: These Lovebirds make for a fun Valentine's Day activity while targeting /s/ in the middle position of words, using images and written word prompts. Instruct the student to say the targeted word and then drag/swipe each bird along the dotted line until he/she reaches the birdhouse. There are 10 target words. For emerging readers, integrate phonemic awareness and decoding skills by instructing the child to sound out each word before providing assistance. For the best results, an SLP or caregiver should be present to cue for correct productions and provide feedback for the targeted sound. ❤️If you enjoyed this deck, it is also available in other word positions! ❤️ Other sounds for this deck are rolling out in the near future as well! Thank you for downloading my creations!