Summer Memory Articulation Game- Later Sounds

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by Mrs. Pascucci

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This is a traditional memory game for 2 players/teams. How To Play: Practice all the words using your good sound. When you’re ready, decide which team you will be!  On your turn, move two pictures to the holding spot to see if you found a match. Say the words or use them in sentences. If you found two matching summer items, move the cards and items to the discard pile then move one tally dot to your scoreboard. If the items don’t match, put the word cards back where you found them.  Click the arrow in the bottom, right corner for a rematch! *To make the game go a little faster/be less frustrating, some items are used 4 times to give players a better chance of finding a match Sounds Included: R- Initial, Mixed Blends, Vocalic L- Initial, Mixed Blends, Medial S- Initial, Mixed Blends, Medial, Final SH- Initial, Medial, Final CH- Initial, Medial, Final DG- Initial, Medial, Final TH (mixed voiced/voiceless)- Initial, Medial, Final K- Initial, Medial, Final G- Initial, Medial, Final Multisyllabic Words (3-4 syllables) Open-ended game play with no target sounds for mixed groups keywords: articulation, later sounds, articulation, game, speech therapy, games, /r/, r, /r/ blends, blend, /s/, s, /th/, th, medial, initial, final, mixed, multisyllabic, articulation, summer