Valentine's Day Sensory Bin for Articulation & Language

by Green Tea Speech Therapy

Price: 550 points or $5.5 USD

Subjects: articulation,expressiveLanguage,phonology

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Valentine’s Day sensory bins for speech therapy with none of the mess but all of the fun! They include cards for articulation, phonology, and language. These Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities are no prep and no stress. Plus, they include plenty of sentence strips and EET prompts, making them perfect for mixed groups. Dig through candy hearts with digital sensory bins that are perfect for teletherapy, grab & go sessions, quick artic, and mixed groups. Add these speech therapy Boom™ Cards to your cart and watch your Valentine’s Day theme go off without a hitch! Included in Valentine’s Day sensory bins: 49 total Boom™ Cards Items in the digital sensory bins target articulation & phonology. Each card has 2 sentence strips Each card has prompts to describe objects found in the sensory bin using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). Articulation targets in Valentine’s Day sensory bins: B (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) P (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) T (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) D (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) K (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) G (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) F (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) V (mixed) S (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) Z (mixed) SH (mixed) CH (mixed) J (mixed) L (INITIAL, MEDIAL, FINAL) R (initial) ER AR OR IRE EAR AIR S Blends L Blends R Blends Phonology targets in speech therapy boom cards: Stopping Gliding Voicing Fronting Final Consonant Deletion Cluster Reduction Also included in Valentine’s Day speech therapy activities: Plenty of sentence strips EET prompts