Preschool Language Screening Tool: Ages 1-6

by Motivational Speechie

Price: 1000 points or $10 USD

Subjects: earlyIntervention,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,communicationSkills,developmentalSkills

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Informally screen age-appropriate preschool language skills for ages 1-6! Skills included: • 1-2 Years: Body parts, pointing to pictures, 1-part directions, simple stories/songs, simple questions, choosing objects, using /p, b, h, m, w/, naming pictures, expressive vocab size, rising intonation, simple yes/no questions • 2-3 Years: Identifying/naming common objects, identifying described objects, on/off/under, selecting 3 that are the same from 4 objects, opposites, 2-part directions, in/on/under, 3+ word combinations, present progressive without auxiliary, regular plurals, simple critical thinking questions • 3-4 Years: Colors and shapes, family words, next to/beside/between, “different,” one-to-one matching, same/both, pronouns he/she/they/his/her, simple what/where/who questions, “be” verbs with present progressive, 4+ word combinations, talking about events in the day, past tense verbs, “if…what” questions, object function, why/how questions. • 4-5 Years: Comparative/superlative adjectives, letter recognition/naming, thin/whole/nearest, post-noun elaboration, first/next/last, storytelling, irregular plurals, behind/between/beside, when/how many questions, inverted auxiliary • 5-6 Years: 3-step directions, sentence repetition, complex sentences, over/under and left/right, modified nouns, attending to short story/answering simple questions/retelling, explaining same/different, first/second/third, analogies, describing, rhyming