Hot Cocoa Adding Within 5 Word Problem Boom Cards

by The Creative Critter

Price: 255 points or $2.55 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 13

Description: This Hot Cocoa Word Problem Boom Card Deck is perfect for January! Designed specifically to enhance your student's math skills, this interactive deck focuses on adding within 5. Students can read the word problem and simply drag and drop the marshmallows into the hot cocoa mug to show their work. Your child can place marshmallows directly into the hot cocoa cup, creating a hands-on experience that brings the math to life! These marshmallows serve as manipulatives, giving your child the freedom to move them around on the boom cards screen, encouraging a deeper understanding of the concepts. And the excitement doesn't stop there! With self-checking cards, your child will receive instant feedback on their answers, promoting independent learning and boosting their confidence. With over 30 captivating cards, this deck offers endless opportunities for your child to practice and master addition within 5.