CVC "U" Crack the Code --Mystery Word

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by Chicken Nugget

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: This deck studies initial sounds with CVC words. All of the cards are focused on the Short "U" vowel sound. Students must discover the mystery word by knowing the initial sounds for the pictures they see. Once they have the word, they must read it to figure out which image matches the word. As for the word pictures; they all start with the same initial sound, so students have to move beyond just the 1st letter. So for example, while the answer to the mystery word might be "CAT" the false answers could be "Carrot" and "Cake". In almost every case no image is used twice so students get lots of practice with their initial sounds. (however, if they have seen other decks of mine they will likely recognize the images) The exception is the short "U" sound words themselves.. I only have 5 short "U" images ( Up, Underwear, Under, Umpire, umbrella) so they are each repeated several times. You might have to prep kids who may not know what some of these items are.