Reading words in Arabic - قراءة الكلمات بحركة الفتح

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by Learn With Amany

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Subjects: nativelanguage

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: - It contains speaking letters to make reading simple for children - Dividing the word into letters with a fatha vowel to simplify its pronunciation for the child -The child presses each letter to hear the letter sound with the opening motion -Then clicks on the audio sign next to the word to ensure the correct pronunciation of the word -Pictures help clarify the word and attract the child's attention All the copyright belongs to me , NOT for commercial use or resale , you can print it many times as you like , but you can not resell it without the prior permission !!!! كل الحقوق الملكية تعود الى البائع و لا أحد لديه الحق في النشر من دون أذن