Prefixes ... ANIMATED ... re, un, pre, dis, tri, mis ... in Context ... Grades 4-5-6.

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by Teaching Stuff Place

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: This deck has 25 ANIMATED digital task cards for students to select the correct word with a prefix. Grades 4-5-6. TEST PREP. Each has a sentence with a choice of three words. Cards are enhanced with colorful ANIMATED art relating to sentence context. Prefixes used: re, un, pre, dis, tri, mis The content on these cards is similar to 28 task cards including: list of 80 words, 2 crossword puzzles, and directions for three color-coded “Scoot!” games on TeachersPayTeachers at: Look for more FUN skill practice at Teaching Stuff Place ... on Boom Learning™ for paperless interactive Internet decks ... on TeachersPayTeachers DISTANCE LEARNING ... remote learning, remote resources, online instruction, home schooling, Internet instruction, Internet learning, learn from home, self-correcting activities, digital learning, Internet activities, digital resources, self-checking.