I Spy: Fall /l/ and /l/ blends

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by Paperless Speech

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 15

Description: This fun "I Spy" game is PERFECT for targeting /l/ and /l/ blends! Simply move the magnifying glass around in the dark to find hidden pictures. **NOTE: Please be aware that the "back, home, next" buttons at the bottom of the pages should be clicked on and not dragged in order to work correctly.** --Individual pictures-- 1. Initial /l/ - lion, ladybug, leaf, lemon, lightbulb, lamb, lamp, etc. 2. Medial /l/ - koala, volcano, alien, alligator, balloons, etc. 3. Final /l/ - ball, bell, bowl, camel, drill, grill, gumball, pencil, etc. 4. Initial /bl/ - black, blanket, blimp, blocks, blood, blow, etc. 5. Initial /cl/ - clam, claw, clean, clip, clock, clothes, cloud, etc. 6. Initial /fl/ - flag, flame, flamingo, flashlight, flat tire, flip flops, etc. 7. Initial /gl/ - glad, gladiator, glass, glasses, globe, gloss, etc. 8. Initial /pl/ - plane, planet, plant, plate, play-doh, pliers, etc. -- Picture Scenes-- 1. Initial /l/ - lemon, lamb, lion, log, lizard, lightning, leaves, ladybug 2. Medial /l/ - violin, balloons, elephant, alien, volcano, gorilla, alligator 3. Final /l/ - school, seal, camel, grill, shell, ball, bell 4. Initial /bl/ - blow, blocks, blimp, blueberries, blindfold 5. Initial /cl/ - clown, clovers, clean, clam, clothesline, clouds 6. Initial /fl/ - flag, flower, flat tire, flashlight, flute 7. Initial /gl/ - glad, glider, glue, gladiator, glass, globe 8. Initial /pl/ - play-doh, plum, planet, plumber, plane, plant, etc.