Receptive Identification of Adjectives ABLLS-R C24

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by Rainbow Autism Resources

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Subjects: Special Autism,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: Do you have an autism student working on the ABLLS-R goal C24 "select adjectives" or just need a quick no prep easy activity for your non-readers? This receptive adjective ID game is a great no prep resource that has automatic audio that plays on each page so even the earliest learners can participate. 40 cards are included and each card has a description (paired with audio) of an adjective which the child must select from 2 examples. The deck contains 40 cards with realistic photographs and a distraction free background that is ideal for autism or ADHD learners. Each card plays reads a description that includes a noun and adjective and the students must select what matches from a selection of 2 choices. The scenario cards feature individuals of a variety of ethnicities, genders, and ages. ❤️Thank you so much for buying this resource!