Blend and Segment 3-5 Phonemes

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by Nancy LeBano

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Subjects: speech,phonology

Grades: 0

Description: Segment and Blend words with 3 to 5 sounds or phonemes for phonological awareness practice. This activity is great for ear training in Language Arts, ESL, or Speech Therapy. Get 66 Slides! Not too childish for your older students working on these skills, but simple enough for elementary level students. *Segment 3-5 phonemes -10 words at each level *Blend 3-5 phonemes- 10 words at each level *Tic Tac Toe game at the end of each section for a fun break. To practice segmenting a word, the student first HEARS the word, then can touch and say each sound as they point to the stars representing each sound. If you'd like them to also pair the sounds with the digraphs/spelling, the stars can be dragged to reveal the letters. To BLEND the sounds they hear, students will tap the stars to hear individual sounds that make up the word. They will blend the sound on their own, and then can click the cover to reveal the picture of the word. Segmenting and Blending activities are provided in 3-, 4-, and 5-phoneme words. PLUS... there is a tic-tac-toe game at the end of each section for a quick break and reinforcement. This simple, uncluttered activity will be a go-to resource for in-school or home practice.