What Goes Together? Play 2A

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by mylearningvine

Price: 325 points or $3.25 USD

Subjects: specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: What Belongs? Real photos. This Play Deck has practice cards in random order. Check out the bundle which includes the Teaching deck. +++ Skills +++ The ability to match associated things is part of language and cognitive development. +++ Content +++ All cards are clickable. Sounds are available. 11 pairs of photos. • Towel and bath (guide card) • Earrings and necklace • Fish and fishbowl • Stars and moon • First aid and band-aid/plaster • Soap and water • Piggy bank and coins • Nest and egg • Needle and thread • Curtain and window • Toilet paper and toilet bowl Great to use in preschool, kindergarten, special education, autism teaching, and speech and language therapy. Version with white background is also available.