Ser and Estar Practice

by La Profe de Spanish

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Subjects: language,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: This deck of 50 Boom Cards allows students to practice the differences between ser and estar. Since this is a general review of ser and estar that will work for any curriculum, I used almost all cognates in my sentences (dentista, contento, talentoso, etc.) Exceptions are enfermo, abuela, and encima de la mesa. This deck includes cards that ask the student to decide whether to use ser or estar in a given context, cards that ask the student to choose the reason that ser or estar was used in a sentence, cards that ask the correct conjugation of either ser or estar and 4 cards in which the student has to type in the Spanish translation of an English sentence. The students are also asked the difference in the meaning of aburrido and listo when used with ser or estar (boring vs bored and smart vs ready). If your students haven’t learned this yet, you can hide those cards by going to the Action button. Thank you for checking out this resource!