Synonyms: Two Truths & A Tadpole Tale

by The Friday Afternoon Files

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Subjects: ela,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,firstDayOfSpring,speech

Grades: 3,4

Description: Looking for a fun way to review the concept of synonyms with your students? Why not try a friendly little game of “Two Truths & a Tadpole Tale”! (It’s like “Two Truths and a Lie”, but doesn’t sound as harsh. 😁) This deck of 20 frog-themed digital task cards gives students extra practice identifying synonyms in an engaging way. Students are asked to look at a group of three words and choose the word that is NOT the synonym. In other words, students need to determine which one is the lie..ahem...TADPOLE TALE. What’s included? *Title page *One instructional page *Directions page *20 self-checking digital task cards which ask students to choose the one word in the group that is NOT a synonym to the other two words. If you and your students enjoy using this resource, please check out my BOOM store for more fun ELA decks! I also have lots of different “Two Truths” decks!!!