Fractions Greater or Less Than 1/2 Wombat Reveal & Fun Facts

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by Designed to Educate By DEB

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Subjects: math

Grades: 3,4

Description: This deck is part of the series: Fraction Mystery Animal & Fun Facts! The mystery animal is covered with puzzle pieces which are eliminated, one at a time, as the student moves the correct greater than or less than symbol. In the end the full picture is revealed. 4 slides with lots of fascinating facts about the animal follow and make the game more enticing! 25 slides Focus Skills: Comparing fractions, fractions greater or less than 1/2 AUDIO for directions AND fun animal facts. Great photos of wombats in their environment with the fun facts! ┬ęDesigned to Educate By DEB 2021 *This same wombat game also available in multiplication (x9 & x10 facts) OR addition to 20 (+9 & +10 facts) if you're interested. If you like this one, please check out the rest of the Fraction Mystery Picture Reveals that each feature a different animal with fascinating facts kids will love! You can check out the first 4 Boom cards before making a decision. Thanks for looking!