Winter Speech and Language

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by Shelby the SLP

Price: 700 points or $7 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: TARGETS INCLUDED: S (Initial, Medial, Final, Final -ts, S-Blends) Z (Initial, Medial, Final) L (Initial, Medial, Blends) CH (Initial, Medial, Final) SH (Initial, Medial, Final) TH (Initial, Medial, Final) F (Initial, Medial, Final) V (Initial, Medial, Final) J (Initial, Medial, Final) K (Initial, Medial, Final) G (Initial, Medial) R (Prevocalic, Vocalic AR, Vocalic ER, Vocalic EAR, Vocalic OR, Vocalic IRE, Vocalic AIR) This interactive winter themed resource is perfect for no-prep winter speech therapy! With over 40 targets and ideas provided to target language, this deck is designed to be a grab-and-go resource for your whole caseload! It also includes an open-ended winter themed Slides and Ladders game for up to 6 players! This will make your mixed groups SO much easier, or help to add a little more fun into your individual speech therapy sessions. If you travel between different buildings, having a game and speech therapy targets all at the click of a button on your ipad or laptop is so much easier than carrying around a bunch of materials and games - and saves you space in your therapy bag!