Matching: Feelings/Emotions

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by Looks Like Language

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Subjects: specialed,games,Special Autism,speech,socialAspectsOfCommunication,selfAwareness,sel

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: Kids can play independently to match emotions using these cute monster faces. Or you could work together to name feelings and discuss a situation that made the student feel this way before going to the next slide. Enjoy this quick little free game that is great to use as a reinforcer for completed work! The cards in this deck are randomized with 10 cards used every time the student plays. Be sure to play the FREE 4-page preview to see how fun this is! Do your students have limited reading skills? No worries! They can click the sound button to hear it read aloud. This makes it so easy to assign a deck for homework without concerns! Build skills for: - recognizing facial expressions and basic emotions - identifying feelings. - answering Who?