Learn the rule: spelling C vs. K (V3)

by SynergizeLearning

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Subjects: elaLanguageSpelling

Grades: 13,1

Description: The first card presents a spelling rule to help students decide when to use c or k for the hard /k/ sound x19 Drag and Drop cards - students must move either c or k to the blank space in the word. Each word also has a picture. words used: Cow, Cart, Carrot, Cup, Cap, Car, Cat, Cake, Cut, Cactus, Cookies, King, poKe, monKey, Key, Kid, raKe, snaKe, smoKe ***This is version 3: the vowel after the blank space is color coded. a, o, u are purple to match c & e, i, y are red to match k*** (version 1: all letters are black except for c & k) (version 2: the top-right reference chart is color coded, but the target words are black)