Boom Cards Groundhog Day Reading Comprehension, Math, and Science Fun

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by Ready Set Think

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Subjects: ela,reading,litReadingComprehension,holiday,groundhogDay,science,lifeScience

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Boom Cards Groundhog Day Reading Comprehension, Math and Science Fun Your little learners will love this Groundhog Day Reading Comprehension, Math and Science Fun Boom Card deck. This deck does contain reading that young or struggling readers may need some help with. It also contains audio support in the form of directions. Both written and audio directions are included in this boom card deck. Students will be asked to read a sentence and demonstrate understanding by completing comprehension questions and activities. This deck includes the following skills: 🌷 Math: dates, even or odd numbers 🌷 Science: groundhog life cycle, shadows 🌷Social Studies: Groundhog Day traditions 🌷 Reading simple nonfiction text about Groundhog Day 🌷 Reading comprehension: answering questions to demonstrate understanding of the reading This deck is NOT randomized because the reading needs to be in order for best understanding. This deck includes 37 cards. There is a reward card at the end with verbal praise and written praise for the students. This deck is self correcting. This Groundhog Day deck is particularly useful for small group instruction, whole class, homework, or review of Groundhog Day facts and traditions. Thanks for stopping by Ready Set Think and Happy Groundhog Day!