Dictées | Le verbe être au présent de l’indicatif | Le h muet

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by LingvoKid

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Description: This deck is packed with 2 dictations and exercises to get prepared for them. Parts of of the deck: - VOCABULAIRE. Words from this deck are illustrated and explained in examples. - CONJUGAISON. 5 verbs (lire, planter, être, finir, mettre) for better writing the dictation texts of this deck and understanding the given exercises. - PRÉPARATION À LA DICTÉE. There are 2 exercises for the verb "être", 1 exercise for "le h muet", 1 ex for sight words (Complète le texte avec les mots suivants), 1 exercise for the letter combinations - on, -an, -eu, -eau, -ou, -au. - DICTÉES. After learning the vocabulary, conjugating the verbs, doing the exercises your students will be able to write 2 dictation texts : 1) Dictée préparée (let your children read the text and after write it from dictation) ; 2) Dictée non préparée (Listen and write without reading the text before dictation). Both texts may be written as prepared or not prepared. The texts are illustrated, so this deck is all round great for vocabulary enriching, orthography skills developing, speech developing.