Christmas Quest Help Santa Beginning sounds and Counting

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by Annie's ABC's and 123's

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Subjects: christmas,games,counting,mathElementary,phonics,math,ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: Christmas, Counting, Beginning Sounds & Fun Animations Too! This Christmas Deck has 3 Quest sets with Animations and Audio Directions! Each set has a quest for students to complete. When students choose the correct beginning sound, ( Letter X they will be asked to find the ending sound), they will be taken to a new card showing how they are completing the number quest. Set One - Cards 1 - 22 Card 1 is Santa with 10 presents to put under the tree. Clicking the star will move students to card 2 Card 2 shows a tree with no presents and the number 0, students will click the 0 and move to card 3. Card 3 students choose beginning sound. If they choose the correct number the card will progress to the next card. If they do not choose the correct they will be able to try again. Card 4 will show a tree with 1 present and the number 1. Students will click the number 1 and the card will progress to the next card where again they will choose the correct beginning letter. This alternating between picking beginning sounds and adding another present to the tree will continue until 10 presents are under the tree. Students will click the number 10 to start the next set and quest. All sets follow the above pattern with different quest for each set of cards. Cards - 22 - 44 - The quest for this set is find the beginning sound and help Santa feed 10 carrots to the reindeers. Cards 45 - 66 - The quest for this set is give the elves 10 presents to wrap.