3-Step Dessert Sequencing with Pictures

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by Prickly Pear Speech

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Subjects: speech,specialed,cognitionSequencing,lifeSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This dessert-themed deck has real-life photos portraying the following activities: dipping strawberries and bananas in chocolate, frying donuts, letting dough rise, baking and decorating cupcakes, cutting out and baking cookies, dying frosting blue with food coloring before frosting cupcakes, making an ice cream brownie sundae, zesting a lemon, garnishing a bundt cake with lemon zest, making a fruit tart and a pumpkin pie. Practice 3-step sequencing with these Boom Cards. This deck contains 10 slides; each slide has three photos for your students to drag and drop in the correct order. This deck contains all real-life photos, and it focuses on making different desserts in the kitchen.